The Jimalie Story

The story of Jimalie is one of humility, hard work, pure love and family.

When you choose Jimalie Organic Coconut Products, you’re supporting a grassroots Australian family business. You’re also helping to write the next chapter of our story – a story that already spans three generations of family, hard work, and love.

Jimalie is a trusted Australian brand producing organic coconut oil and a growing range of premium quality coconut products. The Jimalie label first appeared on shelves in 2014, but the seeds were planted quite literally on a coconut farm in the Philippines more than 65 years ago.

That farm belonged to my grandparents, and later my father, Jim. The name Jimalie is a tribute both to him, and the location of the family plantation in Alijal (pronounced Alie-hal) in the Davao Region of the southern Philippines. Growing up, I travelled to the Philippines with my father and saw first-hand the passion and commitment he put into the farm, providing employment and training for the local villagers.


When he passed away in 2005, I wanted to create a lasting legacy in his memory, I just didn’t know how. I met my wife Victoria not so long after and in 2007 we welcomed our first child, Rylan, who was to become the inspiration and motivation behind our brand and vision.

Rylan was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and to help manage his health our family embraced a diet of real, organic wholefoods – including the coconut oil I knew and loved from my own childhood. The lingering scent of coconut oil in our family home brought back fond memories of the coconut farm and my father. This was my ‘aha’ moment.

Welcoming another son and daughter, we are now a family of five, and this fourth generation of family has motivated a return to our roots with a more traditional and natural way of eating and living. This inspired us to create Jimalie, allowing us to honour Jim’s legacy, and share the natural goodness of organic coconuts with you.

Jaypee Abraham – Founder, Jimalie


The Jimalie brand is themed around unique illustrations that represent the farmer and the land. We promote transparency in our business with a strong focus on sustainable farming practices and fair trade. In line with this ethos, we choose where we can quality eco-friendly packaging materials, making the entire product not only good for you but for the environment.

Jimalie’s product range continues to evolve and demand far exceeds the output of the family coconut farm. But the Alijal plantation continues to operate today as an everlasting symbol of Jim’s commitment, providing employment and support to the local people of the village. Jimalie is working to establish the 12-hectare property as a 100% charitable organisation promoting fair trade and sustainable production practices.

Our Values

Our values are inspired by generations of dedication and hard work and love for the land. We focus on our 3F’s – Farmer, Food and Family.

Sustainable farming

From growing and harvesting coconuts to bottling and delivering the finished product, Jimalie ensures every stage of the farming and manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Jimalie works closely with local farmers to continually improve production practices while also supporting the local economy.

Community development

Jim’s legacy lives on through Jimalie to provide structural and educational development at a local level in Davao. Plans are in place to invest back in the family farm and donate 100% of the profits to the local community.

Social Responsibility

People are our priority and Jimalie is committed to supporting the local community in every way possible. Coconuts are sourced from local farmers within 30km of the production facility and only local villagers are employed in production roles. This provides an economic boost for the region, and the greater quality control ensures all Jimalie products meet the highest of standards.

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Our Team

Jimalie is made possible with the support of a close-knit team of family, friends and health and wellness advocates.The team is united by a shared passion for providing high quality and affordable coconut products to support the health and wellbeing of their customers.

“Jimalie to me is more than just a brand offering quality coconut products. It’s a reminder of the commitment and hard work of my grandparents, and the limitless love my dad gave to others, offering his time and money to help those he cared for. To me, Jimalie embodies the deep appreciation I hold for the opportunities I have had, acknowledges where we’ve come from, and reinforces my desire to help future generations. My family and I are extremely grateful for the love and support we have received for our brand over the years and we are committed to continue bringing you the high quality products you deserve.”

Jaypee Abraham

Our Team

“As a mother of three young and vibrant children, juggling work, family and my own health is a challenging balancing act. Add to that a three-year diploma in Nutritional Medicine, and life couldn’t be much busier. But having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has taught me a lot about patience and understanding. Although extremely demanding, I have learnt a lot and I am now in a position to share these teachings and offer support to other families experiencing similar challenges.”

Victoria Abraham

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