How to avoid toxins in diet

Author: Victoria Abraham   Date Posted:3 September 2018 

7 top tips of avoiding toxins in your body The main thing we do have control over is what we eat and that can have a massive impact on the toxic burden our bodies endure. Read my 7 top tips of avoiding toxins in your body.

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Exposure to toxins is inevitable in todays world. Even when opting for a low tox lifestyle, on the daily we are exposed to air pollutants, plastics in furniture at work/school, heavy metals in the paint on our walls and in our water, toxins in toys, herbisides, or weed killers, at the parks or council gardens, etc.

Although our bodies have its own detoxification system, constant exposure to things out of our control, in addition to pesticide and chemical laden food, our bodies may have a tough time detoxifying and eliminating all these compounds and instead, they end up being stored in our fat cells.

The main thing we do have control over, however, is what we eat and that can have a massive impact on the toxic burden our bodies endure.

On a personal note, some people think I’m extreme for the fact that I only purchase organic fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and most pantry items. Perhaps I am. However the way I see it is that, I may not have control over many of the toxins my children and I are exposed to in our environment, but I can pretty much have complete control of avoiding toxins in the food that my family eats (excluding the occasional birthday parties we attend, as we don’t want to miss out on all the fun!).

Buying organic does not need to be overly expensive. For instance, lowering the amount of red meat and chicken we eat each week makes it more affordable, plus we also are a predominately a dairy free household, due to my eldest child, Rylan’s, gluten/dairy free diet to assist in his Autism symptoms, which also helps. Although I love the idea of a fully plant-based diet, eating red meat or chicken 2-3 times per week (for dinner only) is a happy medium between myself, the kids and my husband!

The best, and easiest way, to avoid toxins is through diet!

My top tips to avoid toxins in your diet are:

  1. Buy organic produce. This may involve making alterations in the way you eat to keep costs down. For instance only eating meat several times a week as opposed to every, or most, days. Or if buying organic meat is too expensive, lower the amount on non-organic meat you do eat.
  2. Refer to the dirty dozen and clean 15 list on my personal website here (refer to bottom right hand side where it says 'Pesticide Levels In Fruit & Vegetables'.  For fruits and vegetables on the dirty dozen list, we suggest buying 100% organic. And the fruits and vegetables on the clean 15 list, are safer to buy non-organic.
  3. Buy wild-caught seafood from smaller fish species, if possible. You can find frozen wild-caught fish at most major grocery stores, you just need to make sure you read the labels.
  4. Remove surface pesticide residues, waxes, fungicides, and fertilizers by soaking the item in a mild solution of additive free soap, such as pure castile soap.
  5. Try to buy local produce that is in season from farmers markets. When fruit and vegetables are grown and picked in the correct season, it tends to be more beneficial for your wallet. Not only this, it supports local growers and is beneficial for the planet as less produce is needed to be transported.
  6. Enjoy a ‘wholefoods’ diet. Although it requires more planning and organisation, eating wholefoods and cooking from scratch as opposed to opening a packet, is going to reduce the consumption of additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives, etc.
  7. Today, there are so many convenient food choices and that includes foods that are additive free and ‘clean’ of preservatives and chemicals however it is still so important to get into the habit of reading food labels to ensure you do not fall into any clever marketing traps.

Once you have nailed this you can also start to look at how to minimize toxins in personal hygiene products such as aluminium free deodorants, lox tox shampoos, conditioner, soaps, beauty products and cosmetics, etc. as well!

About the Author: Victoria graduated at the Australian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney and has a Bachelor of Business from the Australian Catholic University. Victoria is the co-owner of Jimalie Coconut Products. More information about her on her website

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