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Author: Victoria   Date Posted:10 September 2018 

We are proud to say that our coconut products are available at more than 30 of their stores throughout Queensland and NSW. We are proud to say that our coconut products are available at Flannerys. Flannerys have over 30 amazing Health Food stores throughout Queensland and NSW.

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We'd thought we'd share this article with you written by Erin higgins from Flannerys. We are proud to say that our coconut products are available at more than 30 of their stores throughout Queensland and NSW. 

Here is beautiful article written about us that was featured on their Spring edition of 'One' magazine. If you havent visited their store then we highly recommend you do. To find the closest Flannerys store near you please visit our stockist page here. 


Just like the roots of a palm tree that go beyond what you see, the deep roots of this business had me feeling slightly emotional with the historical journey of Jaypee and his beloved company Jimalie. As I dived into this ‘people behind the product’ piece I was left wanting to go and stock up on as much coconut Jimalie products that I could, to support such a worthy organisation. Not only with an incredible story but also an amazing product.

Fit for any coconut lover, Jimalie includes wraps, coconut oil, chips, sauces plus more soon to be added to the range. The Jimalie label launched in 2014, but the seeds were planted quite literally on a coconut farm in the Philippines more than 65 years ago.

“The farm belonged to my grandparents, and later my father, Jim. The name Jimalie is a tribute both to him, and the location of the family plantation in Alijal (pronounced Alie-hal) in the Davao Region of the southern Philippines. Growing up, I travelled to the Philippines with my father and saw first-hand the passion and commitment he put into the farm, providing employment and training for the local villagers” Jaypee says.

“When he passed away in 2005, I wanted to create a lasting legacy in his memory, I just didn’t know how. I met my wife Victoria not long after and in 2007 we welcomed our first child, Rylan, who was to become the inspiration and motivation behind our brand and vision.

“Rylan was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and to help manage his health our family embraced a diet of real, organic wholefoods – including the coconut oil I knew and loved from my own childhood. This was my ‘aha’ moment.”

Jaypee then travelled back to the farm having told his mum and aunty years before to not sell it as there was too much history. With his and Victoria’s Filipino background, they were able to develop and launch the brand Jimalie through amazing connections and relations.

“We are so proud to support the farmers that have farmed the land in Alijal for as long as I can remember.”

Jaypee is one dedicated entrepreneur behind the brand and will stop at nothing to achieve his vision. Having come out of the depths of business despair and pushing through to a promising future of the brand. The legacy of his family will continue on through Jimalie.

“Having your own business teaches you a lot about humility, passion and being driven. You learn of your own insecurities, and mannerisms. But most importantly if you stay passionate and remember why you started doing it in the first place, I believe that anyone can achieve what they set out to.”

Jaypee visits our Flannery stores for tastings and promotion, delivers the stock, captures the product perfectly through his photography, works on the product development, marketing and more that goes on behind the scenes of running his own business. Plus his wife Victoria is a nutritionist, making them one powerhouse of a team.

The story of Jimalie is one of hard work, pure love and family.

Jimalie is working to establish the 12-hectare property in Alijal as a 100% charitable organisation promoting fair trade and sustainable production practices. When you choose Jimalie Organic Coconut Products, you’re supporting a grassroots Australian family business.


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