Best wrap ever

Recently my auntie turned up to a family gathering with a delicious plate of coconut rolls filled with various salad ingredients. I was soo suprised how delicious they were & how much I enjoyed the tecture & taste of the wraps.

Derived from coconut flesh, Jimalie coconut wraps contain all the vital nutrients of the coconut, carefully prepared with just a dash of coconut water and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt, which provides its great taste, strength, longer shelf life and texture. We use a gentle dehydration process to preserve our wraps naturally, retaining all of the natural enzymes and minerals.


Conscious Packaging

Jimalie Coconut Wraps are packaged in biodegradable cellulose film, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic BPA free and Non GMO.


Suggested Uses

Jimalie coconut wraps can be enjoyed by the whole family as the base for a variety of dishes. Fill them with your favourite savoury fillings for a healthy lunch, roll around some fresh fruit for a guilt-free sweet treat or use them in place of traditional wraps for sushi and raw vegetable rolls. With no need for refrigeration and no harmful ingredients, Jimalie Coconut Wraps are perfect for school lunchboxes, a convenient work lunch or hassle free snack on the go.


Allergen Free Wraps

Our cococonut wraps are allergen free which means they contain no gluten, no eggs, no dairy and no peanuts. They are Keto, Paleo, GAPS and Vegan friendly with no added flavours and preservatives.





Brand Jimalie