Virgin Coconut Oil from Coconut Wraps

By now, you must have heard of Jimalie coconut wraps here in Australia – that all-natural, gluten free, multi-purpose tortilla-like wrap that gives so many health benefits to the body.

When our coconut wraps are at room temperature of 22 degrees or more, you may find it slightly oily/liquid inside the coconut wrap packet. This is actually virgin coconut oil coming from the coconut meat that was used to make the coconut wraps.

Jimalie coconut wraps are probably part of the most versatile edibles you would ever encounter. These coconut wraps can be used to replace bread in sandwiches or pita bread when you want something more flat. Or you can be more adventurous and use them for dessert such as an ice cream cone.

Why do we want to use coconut wraps? Mainly this is because of the health benefits it brings. It contains virgin coconut oil that give Jimalie coconut wraps such value. As someone who uses coconut wraps regularly, you are assured that your body is well taken care of from head to toe, inside and out.

Primarily, virgin coconut oil has fatty acids such as medium chain triglycerides. These acids help treat certain brain disorders when broken down – the most popular of which are Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Another fatty acid that can be found in virgin coconut oil is lauric acid. These address and kill certain pathogens that can infect and be harmful to the body. Another benefit of these fatty acids is that it is eventually converted into ketones, which is the main ingredient in treating epilepsy.

Aside from the usual therapeutic purposes of these acids, medium chain-triglycerides (found in unrefined virgin coconut oil) help expedite calorie and fat burning. This means that aside from keeping you full, it actually helps you lose more calories. Aside from that, it will also reduce your hunger pangs because of the ketones.

It truly is amazing to know how much you can benefit from virgin coconut oil. There are so many other benefits of the virgin coconut oil for the body but by and large, those who are religiously eating coconut are known to be healthy and societies that have an abundance of coconut have eliminated heart disease and other illnesses in their communities.

Jimalie coconut wraps contain all the goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil mixed with the wonders and health benefits of Himalayan Salt. Read more of the benefits of Virgin Coconut oil here and Himalayan salt here.

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Hi there where can I buy Coconut Wraps here in Melbourne? Does Jimalie only sell in Australia? Would love to try the coconut wraps.

    Hi Vanessa, thanks for getting in contact. You can have a look at our stockist list here.

    It will be updated in 2 weeks time. Hope you like the coconut wraps. You can also buy on the Jimalie online store and numerous other online stores who stock Jimalie coconut wraps. thanks

I love these wraps, there pricey but worth it, I love all the yummy fillings I can create with them and they have a good weight not to thin not to thick……& thankyou for the swift delivery

    Hi Martine, Thanks so much for your kind words! We are so happy you like our coconut wraps and Coconut Nectar and Turmeric. We would like to make it easier for you to have access to our products. Would you know of any stockist there who would like to stock our coconut products. If so can you please tag them here: thanks again!

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