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Author: Victoria Abraham  

Organic Coconut Nectar Everybody’s got a sweet tooth like our love for organic coconut nectar. For some people, ignoring sweet cravings are as easy as pie while for most of us, it can be a huge challenge.

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There are several all-natural sweeteners in the market that can be used as alternative to sugar. One of the most popular alternative sweeteners is Coconut Nectar, so what exactly is coco nectar and how is it different from other types of all-natural sweetener?

So what is Organic Coconut Nectar?

Also called coconut palm nectar, coco nectar is made from sweet sap that comes from the stems of coconut blossoms.

The sap is then processed at low temperatures to produce a low GI and nutrient rich syrup. 

Apart from being low GI, it is a good source of Vitamins B and C, minerals and amino acids.

Studies have shown that it contains 17 amino acids, all of which are good for your body including transport and storage of nutrients. It also contains magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.

Some of the benefits of coconut nectar include promoting healthy metabolism and cognitive functions.

And since it is low in fructose, it doesn’t contribute in the production of high blood tricyclerides and fat tissue storage.

Plus, it is perfect for weight control and improving lipid and glucose levels for diabetics. 

How does coconut nectar taste?

Health enthusiasts refer coco nectar as one of the most delicious alternative sweeteners.

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t taste like coconut. It is slightly sweet and dense flavor that can be liken to molasses or maple syrup. It is complex, rich and smooth with slight aftertaste.

Uses of Coconut Nectar

Sweeten drinks, waffles and other baked treats with coco nectar. You may also use it for cooking as alternative to dishes that require sugar or maple syrup.

Coconut never fails to surprise! From Virgin Coconut Oil to amino sauce and now, it brings us coconut nectar. It truly is a wonder tree and it’s no wonder we love it as much as everyone else – health conscious or otherwise.

Jimalie offers pure coconut Nectar and another with a slight twist. We have mixed it with Turmeric powder to give it more of a health benefit, more information on our Nectar with Turmeric here.


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