At Jimalie, we come from three generations of coconut farmers.

With a strong connection to the land, we are committed to 100% all-natural, Australian Certified Organic, and FairTrade products, ensuring better lives for the farmers, while supporting sustainable production in Davao.

Organic Virgin
Coconut Oil

Natural, Organic and Fairtrade

Jimalie offers 100% all-natural authentic virgin coconut oil; made from only quality handpicked healthy coconuts, requiring only 2 hours between husking the coconut and bottling the oil. Our virgin coconut oil is Centrifuge cold-processed extracted to allow the retention of natural anti-oxidants while preserving the distinct light aroma and fresh flavour, closest to the raw coconut oil as it appears in nature.

The result is a delightful product where you can see, feel and taste the freshness! Jimalie offers Virgin Coconut Oil in 500ml, 1 litre , 5 litre and 20 litre sizes. Learn more about our Virgin Coconut Oil or visit our online store to order.

Health and Energy Supplement
Great on Salads, Smoothies & Ice-cream
Ideal Healthy Cooking Oil

Virgin Coconut
Oil for Skin

Superfood For Your Skin

The exceptional clarity, colour and signature fine feel of Jimalie’s 100% natural Virgin Coconut Oil is characteristic of our unique centrifuge (fine-spun) extraction method. Our exclusive 300ml Virgin Coconut Oil is perfect to hydrate even the most delicate skin on the face. Virgin Coconut oil is the closest oil in structure to your own natural skin oil which contains Lauric Acid and powerful antioxidants that control harmful free radicals

that destroy skin cells. By including Jimalie coconut oil into your daily skin ritual, this nutrient packed superfood literally feeds your living skin cells, nourishing your skin whilst also protecting it from premature aging.

Hydrates and nourishes skin
Conditions hair
Great makeup remover

Organic Raw
Coconut Sugar

Sweet Taste of Tropical Paradise

Jimalie’s 100% all-natural Organic Coconut Sugar is a nutritious and great tasting alternative to table sugar.  Our Coconut Sugar is a rich, golden brown in color and an all-natural sweetener used to sweeten any of your favorite beverages, sauces or home made dishes. Most people who use Coconut Sugar use it as a direct replacement for white, refined sugar in their recipes.

Jimalie’s Raw Coconut sugar is a perfect natural sweetener for individuals who are embracing a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle. Find out how we make our all-natural coconut sugar by clicking on the ‘learn more’ button.

Sweeten Coffee and Tea
Top off Yoghurts, Ice-cream & Cereal

Coconut Wraps

Healthy Convenience

An allergen-free alternative to grain-based wraps, our coconut wraps are made from just three ingredients and make a versatile and healthy pantry staple.

Derived from coconut meat, Jimalie Coconut Wraps contain all the vital nutrients of the coconut, and are carefully prepared with just a dash of Jimalie Coconut Water and a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt. We use a gentle dehydration process to preserve our wraps naturally, retaining all of the natural enzymes and minerals.

The result is a nutritious and all-natural, raw, vegan wrap, high in fibre, protein and healthy fats. Best of all, they taste great and contain no gluten, grain, dairy, egg, nuts, soy or artificial ingredients.

Jimalie Coconut Wraps are packaged in biodegradable cellulose film. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, and being BPA free and Non GMO, it’s better for our health too. The material is derived from wood pulp and breaks down naturally in water and compost, posing no risk to the environment or wildlife.

Convenient for kids' lunches
Replace wheat-based sandwich wraps
Perfect for sweet and savoury fillings

Organic Coconut
Amino Sauce

A nutritious alternative to soy sauce

At Jimalie we love flavour, but not at the expense of our health. That’s why our Organic Coconut Amino Sauce contains all natural ingredients with no added sugar or enhancers. The key ingredient is the nutrient-rich sap of the coconut tree. which is high in amino acids. A nutritious alternative to soy sauce. Jimalie Organic Coconut Amino Sauce contains a natural umami flavour – that elusive fifth taste. It’s perfect for savory dishes, stir-fries, salads. marinades or as a simple dipping sauce.

Jimalie Coconut Aminos are Gluten Free, Dairy free, Soy Free, GMO Free, Vegan and Paleo Friendly with no artificial sugar, ingredients and preservatives added. Made from Organic coconut nectar, coconut vinegar, natural sea salt and spices.

Add to sauces and BBQ marinades
Boost the flavour of salads and stir fry dishes
Create an easy, perfect dipping sauce

Organic Coconut
Nectar & Turmeric

Nature’s Sweetener and The Golden Spice

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years, both as a culinary spice, and for its natural medicinal properties. Known for its distinctive yellow colour, turmeric also adds a vibrant richness to curries, smoothies, and herbal teas.

At Jimalie, we are passionate about using the best natural ingredients to bring you quality products. This particular product brings together a superfood blend of 100% pure coconut sap and turmeric extract to create a natural, low GI sweetener with a unique twist.

The subtle flavour of turmeric makes Jimalie Coconut Nectar and Turmeric a versatile addition to both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as smoothies, juices or herbal teas. It has a delicate, warming flavour, combining a soft sweetness with citrus and pepper notes.

Sweeten beverages Coffee and Herbal Tea
Savoury & Sweet Cooking and Baking
Top off yoghurts, cereal and desserts

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