Virgin Coconut Oil Skin

It’s every girl’s dilemma – dry rough patches on your skin especially during the cooler months. Sometimes flaky, it makes otherwise healthy looking skin unsightly, thankfully there is virgin coconut oil skin.

The best way to combat skin dryness is of course hydration. Just drink lots and lots of water and you’re halfway there to great skin. However, you also need a great moisturizer to help your skin retain that water and keep it nourished.

But not all moisturizers are made equal. Some moisturizers will cause acne breakouts. Others won’t moisturize adequately and you still get uneven patches of dryness on your skin. And most contain harsh chemicals that should be nowhere near your skin. Mineral oils in fact may cause even more dryness by absorbing the water inside your skin.

So what’s a girl to do, trust Virgin Coconut Oil Skin?

One of the best moisturizers out there is Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is the unrefined liquid coming from the kernels of coconut meat. Its least processed state is called virgin coconut oil and it does wonders with your skin.

Moisturizers work by trapping water in your skin before it evaporates. Virgin Coconut Oil Skin does the same thing but even better.

First, Virgin Coconut Oil is nutrient rich. Imagine all the nutrients from the coconut giving your skin that healthy young looking glow. Good for you both externally and internally.

Also, Virgin Coconut Oil is edible. You can’t say that of other moisturizers. You don’t want to apply anything on your skin that you wouldn’t even consider eating. Your skin absorbs roughly 64% of what you put on it, which gives you more reason to give it something nourishing. With Virgin Coconut Oil skin, you are litrally feeding your skin.

What’s even better is that Virgin Coconut Oil is absorbed faster into your skin so it doesn’t leave you that gunky feeling you get with other moisturizers. It won’t feel as heavy when you slather it on your skin.

Finally, your skin also gets the antibacterial and antifungal properties of Virgin Coconut Oil. You’ll help prevent nasty skin breakouts when you use coconut oil on your skin.

These are great reasons to start using Virgin Coconut Oil on your skin. For more information about our 300ml Virgin Coconut Oil for the skin please visit here.


Just wanted to ask what is your Virgin Coconut Oil Skin made out of? 100% Virgin Coconut Oil or do you add anything to the Oil? Thanks

    Hi Joseph, that is correct Our Virgin Coconut Oil Skin is made out of 100% unrefined certified organic, cold processed centrifuge extracted, Virgin Coconut Oil! Thanks and hope that helps.

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